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Agree or not, we have all pretended to be superheroes at some point or another. But there have been real-life instances when we’ve actually ended up being one in our own way. 

Heroism has always been about authenticity and a #NeverGiveUp attitude. Here’s where Discovery+ has come in to give us an entertaining, original and impressive new show, ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior. This physical dare show featuring Vidyut Jammwal as the host has come with a package full of exciting surprises and here are 6 reasons why you should invest your leisure in this binge-worthy show if you haven’t already watched it. 

1. Vidyut Jammwal with his glorious array of dashing qualities.

You must have seen him smashing tree trunks with bare hands in films, but did you know he is one hell of a martial art enthusiast and also trained in one of the oldest martial art-forms named Kalaripayattu? This show is serving justice to its theme by having a professionally trained host and Dojo master like Vidyut Jammwal. The man himself, styled in dreamy Nandita Mahtani fits, is a treat to the eyes!

Also, let’s be honest, we couldn’t get enough of him in films, so how can we miss a show where’s he’s slaying in all glory. 

2. Akki in the house! 

We do not think anybody needs extra encouragement to watch our good and friendly Akshay Kumar unwrap some action packed twists. Akki is the household OG when it comes to authentic action and we cannot have enough of the added trill that he brings to the show. Hurry and catch him on the third episode, on Discovery+!

3. Supercool martial artists have been roped in as mentors.

The show features sixteen pro athletes and fighters divided in groups of four under the mentorship of four renowned names: Shifu Kanishka Sharma (Shaolin Kung Fu, Jeetkunedo, Pekiti Tirsia, Kali, rapid assault tactics, Wingchun, Muay Thai & Shifu Kanishka Combatives), Bi ’Killerbee’ Nguyen (Muay Thai national champion, boxing, wrestling, Brazilian juijitsu), Mykel Hawke (survival, medic, communications,languages, aikido, judo, wushu & wingchun Kungfu, Kenpo Karate & Special Ops combative), and Shaun Kober (weapons, training, coaching, combat first-aid). *I’m thrilled! Imagine them on screen!* 

4. You’ll get to see some entertaining physical dares. 

We know you are slightly tired of random alarming tasks in basic dare shows, performed by non-professionals to elevate TRP. But ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’ showcases well-designed tasks and physical challenges that boost viewers’ adrenaline. The show features raw individual journeys of dedicated contestants and gives us an original insight into the body and mind synchronicity of the person that is to become India’s first Mahayoddha. (no spoilers here)

5. It serves us a perfect no BS blend of real and reel.

Ultimate Warrior comes as a dedicated token of reality and equality. The show features fighters competing against one another irrespective of any norms or biases. It upholds the true spirit of sportsmanship in the quest to find a commoner with exceptional abilities. It comes with all the twists and cliffhangers of a reality show alongside the fresh angle of uplifting true talent and skills. (And you will not believe your eyes at times, I swear!) 

6. Finally, the locations and the extravagant set designs are G.O.A.T.

The show is set in a fantastically built Dojo House located against the picturesque canvas of Western Ghats. It’s a perfect eye candy with the bittersweet crunch of daring reality entertainment. What else can one ask for? 

We have definitely been at the edge of our seats watching the show on Discovery+. And before we spill all the tea about major events, check it out for yourself here: 

So, are you excited to know who became ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’?