The steady influx of friends and friendships will always be the one thing that not only stands out, but is integral to the human experience. As humans, we can’t help but form bonds, support systems, and irrevocable ties with our fellow homo sapiens. 

Twenty odd years later, I smile when I look around and notice the family I’ve built for myself. Friendships in all colours and sizes, bonds that run as deep as ocean waters. One such friendship that caught my eye lately was the bond between Charlie and Toto, from Amazon Prime Video’s latest movie, ‘Hello Charlie.’ 

As I finished the movie I couldn’t help but wonder, how cool would it be if we all had a buddy like Toto! 

And that’s why, here are 6 reasons why we all need a friend like Toto, or better still, Toto, will you be our best friend? 

1. He makes for an awesome third wheel. 

Third wheeling is an art. And if none of your friends have mastered it, it’s time they take notes from Toto. Minimum interference, maximum support!

2. He’s the perfect gedi (long drive) partner. 

We’ve all taken long drives with our romantic partners. But we all also know that the real fun comes with our friends! The nonstop chatting, the fight over what playlist to jam to, and of course, who gets shotgun. Needless to say, Toto makes for the perfect long drive buddy. 

3. A dance partner like no other. 

What’s the mark of a true friendship? You can be crazy around each other. And what better way to be crazy around each other than dancing your socks off?! With a buddy like Toto, boy oh boy, will he give you a run for your money. 

4. A thorough gentleman. 

A friend with manners is everything. I mean, if you don’t want to introduce your mum to your friends, then you need to question yourself why, eh? Toto’s first meeting with Charlie is proof of him being a gentleman, as he extends his hand for a warm, but firm handshake.

5. The coolest chess partner. 

With all of us staying at home chess has become a great way to while away time. We all need a friend who’s as good at chess as Toto is! As much as Toto can entertain you with his antics, he can also sit down with you for a game of chess. #Goals. 

6. He’s woke about the environment, yo! 

There’s the occasional time when we see Toto riding a bicycle and I couldn’t help but notice how environmentally beneficial that must be! Now, don’t we all want a friend like him?

Why don’t you check out the movie on Amazon Prime Video and come up with more reasons? Go on, get your popcorn ready, while a laughter riot and a new friend awaits you.