Aman Aman Aman. The man who rekindled the romantic magic SRK brings to his movies, was a delight to watch on-screen in 2003. But let’s be honest. Everything we swooned over with heart eyes as teenagers, is a load of bullshit now. This man was a walking red-flag and here’s why:

1. There is a difference between being friendly and being clingy, stop touching her glasses. This man came into her house and annoyed the shit out of Naina for absolutely no reason. Boundaries, you control freak. 

2. He went around asking people to smile. And ridiculed them for not being capable of being happy. If it was that easy, I wouldn’t be paying my therapist this much money. 

3. This ‘6 din ladki in‘ extremely offensive and sexist, no, you’re not setting up your two ‘consenting’ friends up, you’re manipulating someone into falling in love. 

4. This part also highlighted the fact that nobody asked Naina what she wants, hello, what about consent! Her opinion obviously doesn’t matter because Aman’s just trying not to feel guilty about dying on Naina. And gives her to Rohit like she’s an object, not a person – with emotions, feelings and opinions. 

5. Remember the scene with the girl who is helping him pick out perfumes? Yeah, he clung on to her without consent like a freaking creep. 

6. I understand what the filmmakers were trying to do, but why does Aman take away every chance from Rohit. He even bullshits his way through the diary, like Rohit can’t speak for himself? He hijacks their relationship while giving them the illusion that they’re in control. God complex, anyone?

7. When Rohit finds out that Naina loves Aman, he questions his true intention behind his matchmaking. And Aman emotionally blackmails this blank-paper-personality Rohit into marrying Naina. Because it is his dying wish, sigh. 

So the entire film was basically just Aman trying to live vicariously through Rohit, and Naina being a prop with glasses because how else would a guy see her inner beauty? Cool.