We all love films, don’t we? With many of us sitting at home, we need good movies now more than ever.  

And as more and more of us seem to have developed the attention span of a bee with ADHD, short films have come as a blessing that has given us the opportunity to enjoy amazing stories in tiny packages.  

So, if you’re the kind of person who craves bite-sized content, here is a list of short films that you must watch to stay entertained at home.

1. Thappad

A sweet yet strong tale of little Bablu who sets out to save his big sister in the real world. This film shows us exactly why the bond between siblings is the strongest. 

2. Sleeping Partner

The gripping tale of Bina who realises her own strength when her marriage hits rock bottom. This one will show you how one “partner” can change an entire story.  

3. Khujli 

Khujli is a film about a couple in their forties, who realise that there is more to their relationship than the faded marital years. A light-hearted film about the issue of romance in the later years of a marriage, this one will make you laugh, smile, and think.

4. Nano Se Phobia 

If you think you know fear, think again. This mind-boggling tale shows what happens when lines between waking day and nightmares get blurred, while exploring the life of a woman whose fears are clouding her reality. 

5. Baatein

This is a film about a grieving mother who has an unexpected visitor. The uncomfortable conversations that follow, change everyone’s outlook towards life forever. Dealing with delicate human emotions, this film closely examines forgiveness with a whole new lens. 

6. The Wallet

This is a film about a man who finds an unattended wallet that leads him into the world of a lost love story. Join him on his journey as he sets out to help two long lost lovers find their way back to each other. 

Ready to dive into the world of amazing short films, aren’t you?  

With loads of production houses coming up with new shorts everyday, this has to be one of the best times ever to be a lover of short films. And with lots of us practising social distancing, this seems to be the best time to catch up on them too. 

So stop waiting and start bingeing right away!