The TV show Anupamaa has been gaining so much popularity, that it’s being discussed everywhere. From Reddit and Twitter to desi households, this TV soap is quite the buzz at the moment. 


And this has been happening with good reason. There are a lot of things Anupamaa has been doing right, from the plot, to the character’s roles. So let’s take a look at some of those things, shall we?

1. It has depicted perseverance through patriarchy on another level. 

It wasn’t that Anupamaa didn’t face backlash for wanting a divorce, it was that she really stuck to her decision no matter how difficult it got. Even through the many setbacks in her life. The way that the show has depicted her evolution through all the monkey wrenches that people threw her way is commendable. 


2. The show is giving us a great trajectory of Anupamaa’s career. 

She started with being an under-confident woman who, because of her husband’s emotional abuse, was terrified of speaking her mind. And then she slowly made her way to bagging a job, then losing it, and then getting back up and pursuing her dreams, building a business and then successfully signing a contract of partnership. And now she’s someone who won’t tolerate disrespect from anyone. 


3. The relationship they’ve shown between Anupamaa and her son Samar. 

Not only have they shown a great mother-son relationship. But the show has also carved out a pretty good on-screen feminist man. Samar acts as a true support system to his mother, and it’s good to see! 


4. A potential love interest has been introduced for Anupamaa. 

Instead of showing Anupamaa in a disempowered position, the show is taking the audience to a place where she is open to the idea that she deserves better than what she experienced in the past. And instead of showing her being closed off to all men, like many Indian women are expected to be after divorce, she’s shown to be open to a business partnership and friendship with Anuj (an old batchmate) unapologetically. 


5. How much Anupamaa’s father-in-law supports her through adversities. 

In traditional family systems, especially where sexism is heavy, people often underestimate the importance of having men as allies to women. The fact that Anupamaa’s father-in-law has time and time again stood up for her, even if it meant telling his own son off, is inspirational. 


6. This might already be evident, but the evolution of Anupamaa’s self-esteem and character is truly the best part.

When we think of an empowered woman, it’s easy to assume that that means only a certain type of woman. But Anupamaa’s character has shown us that often empowerment is hard-earned, it might mean facing several setbacks and that it’s more of a process than a destination. It’s not that Anupamaa is still not shown to be mistreated by certain family members, it’s that each time she learns from it and chooses to build herself up better than before.


Thank God for TV soaps like this. Now I can gossip with my mom about a show without rethinking what I’ve spent my time doing.