Shakuntala Devi starring the effervescent Vidya Balan has dropped on Amazon Prime Video and vidya kasam we relished every bit of knowing the inspiring story of our very own ‘Human Computer’. 

If you thought she was just another grumpy maths wizard, then you’re absolutely wrong. Shakuntala Devi was anything but boring. She was fearless and full of life. But along with her dazzling mind, it was her undying spirit of never backing down and constantly breaking stereotypes that impressed us.

In spite of the circumstances, she was a progressive woman who valued her independence. So here’s looking at 6 moments from the Shakuntala Devi biopic, that proves she was much ahead of her times. 

1. When a 5-year-old Shakuntala expressed her wish to be educated

2. When she aspired to become a Badi aurat and not Bada aadmi

3. When she refused to apologise for being too independent and not a Bahu material

4. When she let go of her love and remained strong 

5. Everytime she advised her daughter to live her life on her own terms

6. When she single-handedly supported her daughter’s career

Shakuntala Devi has continued to inspire several women across the globe. And we don’t see any reason why one shouldn’t absolutely adore her for living such a remarkable life. So if you haven’t already watched the movie, then do it now only on Amazon Prime Video.