In a world where women are constantly pitted against each other, these actors at The Academy Awards decided to stand up for each other. Their show of female solidarity with women hyping each other up was so good to witness, that we decided to make a list for anyone who might have missed it. From Natalie Portman to Hildur Guðnadóttir, these women made Oscars legendary. 

1. When Natalie Portman’s cape had the names of female directors and women in the industry who weren’t nominated, including Greta Gerwig and Lulu Wang. 

2. When Janelle Monae opened the show with her brilliant performance, which was a huge nod towards people of colour, women, and the queer. 

3. When Hildur Guðnadóttir won an Oscar for ‘Joker’ and took the moment to inspire women around the world by asking them to speak up so the world can hear them. 

4. When Renée Zellweger dedicated her ‘Best Actress’ award to Judy Garland, who has never won the Oscar before. 

5. When Laura Dern, in her acceptance speech for the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ dedicated her award to her mother, Diane Ladd who was also her plus one for the night. 

6. When Brie Larson, Sigourney Weaver and Gal Gadot spoke about starting a fight club where the losers get to answer the question, ‘How does it feel to be a woman in Hollywood?’ 

7. When Eímear Noone made history by becoming the first female conductor at the Oscars. 


Because there is nothing cooler than women who lift each other.