Vidya Balan’s production debut, Natkhat has finally released on Voot and we couldn’t stop ourselves from giving it a watch. The short film follows a young boy’s journey in a patriarchal household, with a mother who wants him to be better than those around him. 

Here are reasons why you must not miss this brilliant movie:

1. It talks about everything wrong with the ‘boys will be boys’ mentality by addressing how older men in the family often brush things under the rug saying, “Ladka hain, ho jaata hain.”

2. It shows the importance of women speaking up in their own households, especially when Vidya Balan’s character shows her son the damage patriarchy can do. 

3. The short film conveys so much in just half an hour, and that’s where it’s true power lies. What Bollywood movies buzz around for hours, Nakhat does in 33 minutes. 

4. It sheds light on how Indian families perpetuate violence. Sonu is expected to behave this way, encouraged even, by everyone apart from his mother. Because everyone in his family believes that this is how women must live – afraid and submissive. 

5. It talks about rape and abuse without any graphic scenes, and yet it leaves you shaken. 

6. It depicts that kids, even if innocent, can be influenced in unspeakable ways by the violence around them. And pick up toxic habits that have been normalised by their society. 

7. Sanika Patel, the little girl who plays Sonu in the short film is a true star. Her acting is commendable and one of the biggest reasons why you must watch Natkhat

Watch the trailer here:

You can watch Natkhat on Voot. 

All images are screenshots from the film.