ZEE5’s latest web series, Churails, is set in Karachi, Pakistan and follows a group of feminists who open a Emotional Attyachar-esque detective agency. The goal is to help women who are cheated on by their husbands, gather proof against them. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this 10-episode show yet, here are 7 reasons why you should. 

1. Every woman for herself 

Every single woman in the show – from the housewife with a cheating husband to a boxer, an ex-criminal and a wedding planner – stand their own ground. Their narratives are strong, powerful and diverse enough to form a connection with the viewers. 

Indian Express

2. The representation is commendable 

The fact that they cast a trans woman, Zara Khan to play the role on-screen instead of casting a cis gendered person in the role makes a lot of difference. The show also spoke extensively about discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. 


3. It is much more than a chick-lit drama

If you thought you were here to watch Sex & The City then you’re mistaken. Because this show has murder, grit and a truck-load of cheating husbands that need to be caught. 


4. The mystery will have you hooked from the first episode 

You cannot guess what’s going to happen next as this vigilante group of feminists narrate the story in captivity. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. 


5. The draws focus on everyday sexism without pushing it into your face

When Sara’s husband says ‘NGO join karlo, start small’ because she wants to go back to work, that hits home. The show perfectly captures everyday sexism that is blatant yet ignored. 

6. The title track is catchy AF 

You will not skip a single intro, the title track is catchy, and the introduction graphics are quirky and unique. Even the background score throughout the show – featuring songs like Da Da Dasse and Kaala Rey adds the vibe of the show. 

7. It focuses on teaching your sons better 

Sara’s fear that her sons will turn out to be like her husband offers an insight as to how sons are often taught differently than daughters in households, no matter how privileged. 

Ready to binge-watch this show?