Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani is a movie that has immensely impacted our generation, especially when it comes to Bunny and his love for travel. But, did anyone notice the red flags that obviously followed Bunny everywhere he went? No? Well, here’s the list you’ve been waiting for:

1. He kept calling her chashmish and getting into her personal space. Remember when he stole her phone to check who she was talking to? And even harassed a few men in the process. Problematic. 

2. When he said this line – and once again, pitched one woman against another, believing it sounds like a compliment. But is it? NO. 

3. He compares women to food and other ‘things’ because that’s all women are to him. 

4. He is so horrible towards his step mother, even though she and his father are obviously happy together and that’s all that should matter. 


5. The entire ‘Dilli wali girlfriend’ song is a fuckboi admitting he cheated on his girlfriend. Think about that for a minute. 

3. He was away for 8 years, and then he came back and asserted some sort of dominance over a woman he hasn’t contacted since he left! Sir, she found better, kindly leave as you always have. 

7. He made Aditi’s entire wedding about himself – from Batameez dil to Dilli wali girlfriend. Where was Aditi? Why no songs about her?


Bunny was a fun-loving narcissist who didn’t deserve Naina.