Yes, Jab We Met is one of the most loved Bollywood films ever. But watching it as an adult really opened my eyes to how problematic Geet was. 

Don’t believe me? Here are 7 reg flags we should have noticed when we first watched the film. 

1. She doesn’t understand the concept of space, constantly talking to someone who is clearly not interested. I swear if I were Aditya, I would have just boarded another train. 

2. She starts giving somebody she just met relationship advice. Thanks Geet, but nobody asked you. You ain’t no therapist and he is clearly in a very fragile state. 

3. She brings Aditya along with her to Punjab, and then conveniently tells him – you can stay for a few days but I’m running away. What?

4. Geet wants to live life on her terms but is afraid of the consequences. So you want to run away but you won’t contact your loving family because your boyfriend dumped you? 

5. She says “Bombay main ghumti hoongi tumhare aas paas, uss type ki girls.” Excuse me? Did you just slut shame other women? Not cool. 

6. She doesn’t even tell her boyfriend that she is running away to him? Hello? Is he supposed to read your mind? Poor guy was painted the villain. 

7. Did nobody ever notice that she technically cheated on Anshuman with Aditya? She was here to marry him towards the end, and then she ran to Aditya again?

Sorry to burst your bubble but Geet was not all that she was made out to be. She was narcissistic, indecisive and quite problematic as a character.