Growing up with a desi dad was basically about guessing and second-guessing every decision in my life because “Paise pedh pe nahi ugte.”  Indian fathers have their own eccentric ways of explaining the mysteries of life. But they’re our biggest fans and worst critics who will never stop worrying for us. No matter how old we get. 

And we won’t lie, watching Srikant Tiwari with his kids in the new season of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The Family Man‘ reminds us of our doting desi dads and a lot of their antics. Don’t believe us? Check out these 7 scenes from the show’s new season. 

1. Did your father not tell you that he’s not an ATM machine? 

2. We cannot compare Jazz to puraane zamaane ke gaane. It’s not allowed. 

3. Because phones cause us to go blind according to Whatsapp.

4. Using sarcasm to insult us is their birthright which is to be taken with utmost seriousness.

5. “Angrez chale gaye…..”

6. And then comes the occassional outburst of love.

7. It’s carved in stone. Logic and our desi fathers will never see to eye!

With Father’s Day just a blink away, you must be looking for ways to spend some quality time with your dad. Watch the new season of ‘The Family Man‘ streaming on Amazon Prime Video and have a weekend packed with action, thriller, and of course, some poppy love. 

Here’s wishing all the dads, grand dads, single mothers, and men who’ve positively impacted the lives of children despite not being biologically related, a happy Father’s Day!