Let’s face it, even after hearing about the repercussions of marriage, each one of us still wants to taste this elusive “SHAADI KA LADOO.” And in case you marry a shopaholic, this ladoo turns into a ‘BIG MOTI-CHOOR’ one. No worries there! Here are 7 skills for 7 JANAMS to master, if you have landed yourself,  a shopaholic better half.

1. A sixth sense is what you need! To predict how a dress is going to look on her even before she tries one.

2. Crack ‘One-Time’ Deals like, “One Super Shopping Spree = One Night Out with the Guys.”

3. An impromptu window shopping session might happen anytime. The sudden mood swing, you see.

4. Your gym sessions will pay off when you lift those hefty shopping bags. So, when your wife shops, you dare not drop.

5. Your little bundle of joy might start crying in middle of the never-ending shopping binge, so be the “PATI PRAM-ESHWAR” and hold the baby.

6. You are not allowed to say “NO” once you are married. If she says “3 stores,” it means “3 stores.” No two ways about it! Case dismissed.

7. Patience is a virtue, so master it. It will help when you stand like an alien outside a Ladies trial room holding ‘N’ number of clothes.

NOTE:  HUSBANDS, learn it all. BOYFRIENDS, try at your own risk. Gif sources: Myreactiongif.com. Giphy