One of the reasons that make Kota Factory such a hit with the audience is the relatable characters. And while Jeetu bhaiya emerged as a crowd favourite, there is another character whose endearing antics left people in awe – Meena.

Vaibhav’s first friend in Kota, Meena is one of the most brilliant characters ever written. And here are a few of his best moments from the show: 

1. When Meena is first introduced and you realize he is naive and nerdy in equal measure. 

He starts by asking Vaibhav to always switch off the RO after use and ends with singing praises of Jeetu bhaiya, and in the middle comments on everything – from Maheshwari classes to phone apps to the rent Vaibhav will have to pay for a single room. And you are instantly struck by his naivety and earnestness. 

2. When he realizes that ‘rich people’ love cake. 

It’s one of the many hilarious but inoffensive ways in which the creators try to show the difference in Meena and Vaibhav’s upbringing. It also gives an insight into one of the many reasons why cracking an IIT is so important for him. 


3. When he develops a crush on Meenal.

Meena is enamored by Meenal who believes in the same things as him – primarily, studying hard and following a teacher’s instructions to the T. 

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4. When he reminds Vaibhav that friendship is not a duty.

Vaibhav is conflicted over the thought of leaving his friends and joining Maheshwari coaching, but Meena reminds him that friendship isn’t a duty. It can sustain, despite distances. 

5. When he stands up for Jeetu bhaiya’s honor. 

Right at the start of S2, when Deepak bad-mouths Jeetu bhaiya for leaving Prodigy classes, Meena stands up in Jeetu bhaiya’s defense. In his bravado, he even challenges Deepak, though he fails to come up with anything threatening enough. 

6. When he is conflicted over the idea of masturbation. 

When Shivangi informs Meena of masturbation and why it’s a normal process, his first thought is one of disgust and shame because he has not been given proper information about sexual desires and hormonal changes. 

7. When he’s a little jealous of Vaibhav’s new friend. 

When Vaibhav introduces his friend from Maheshwari coaching, Sushrut, to his old gang, Meena can’t help but be slightly jealous. 

8. When his biggest concern about Vaibhav’s mom leaving is that he won’t get to enjoy her cooking. 

Vaibhav gets down with jaundice and his mom comes over to look after him. She also cooks for him and his friends, but once he recovers, she has to go back home. And Meena can’t digest the fact that he won’t be able to enjoy home-cooked meals. 

Meena is competitive but not shrewd, earnest but not annoying, and most importantly, he never fails to stand by your side when you need him the most. Let’s just say it, he is the real star of the show! 

All images are screenshots from Netflix, unless specified otherwise.