In the 151 minutes of runtime, Wonder Woman 1984 streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video had us completely hooked. And while they did that, they decided to drop tiny surprises throughout the movie. The catch? It was up to us to spot all of them. 

So, here’s a list of our top 8 easter eggs we spotted while watching Wonder Woman 1984. 

1. Steve Trevor’s history with dying/not dying.

While we’re going to leave the specifics of Steve Trevor’s resurrection in Wonder Woman 1984 up in the air, it is undoubtedly unique to this story. The character has a long history in DC Comics of deaths and rebirths. He was introduced in Wonder Woman’s earliest adventures in the 1940s and remained by her side for decades. The first time he died was in 1969’s Wonder Woman when Aphrodite brought him back to life a few years later, but he met his end again a short time after that. He then came back to life for a third time  from an alternate dimension. Eventually, Steve’s multiple lives were condensed and simplified and he became an older government agent who went to work for the U.S. Government. *phew

2. The golden eagle armour. 

The golden armour Diana dons for her final battle is drawn straight from DC Comics. The film provides the armour with a new backstory; here it was supposedly worn by another Amazon named Asteria, who used it to protect Themyscira from the wrath of the outside world. The reason for the references to this Amazonian warrior become clear if you sit through the Wonder Woman 1984’s closing credits.

3. Etta Candy. 

A rather sentimental easter egg spotted was a framed picture of Diana with Etta Candy in her apartment. Despite not having her trusty pal there anymore to lean on for advice, the picture clearly indicates that Etta Candy might be gone, but not forgotten. 

4. Steve Trevor’s watch. 

Even though Steve Trevor’s come back had us all emotional and sobbing, the movie makes sure to set us up with all those emotions as we spot a number of his belongings in Diana’s apartment. One of them undoubtedly being his watch that she kept in remembrance of her fallen beau. *wipes away tears*

5. The dreamstone. 

One of the focal points of the movie becomes the “Dreamstone,” which grants anyone who holds it a wish in exchange for their most prized possession. Now when we first laid eyes on the dreamstone many of us remembered it being part of the DC universe long before it appeared here. And true enough, introduced in the 1963 issue Justice League Of America #19, the Dreamstone (aka Materioptikon) was originally a weapon designed by Doctor Destiny who used it against the Justice League. Later, it has become associated with the mythology of The Sandman, and the race of immortal beings known as the Endless. 

6. Cheetah foreshadowing. 

Early on into the movie, while complimenting Diana’s elegant outfit, Barbara Minerva compliments her “animal print” high heels. This is a direct reference to her impending metamorphosis from Barbara to Cheetah, an “apex predator,” and how much the character enjoys her new catlike appearance. That’s some genius foreshadowing right there, especially with that added growl and all. 

7. The invisible jet. 

One of the most obvious easter eggs in the movie happens to be one that fans can’t technically see. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet is one of the best DC superhero vehicles of all time. The jet makes an appearance in the movie in a unique way when she uses her power to make an existing fighter jet invisible.Where and why she’s going? You’ll have to watch to find out. 

8. Spider-Man moves. 

Director Patty Jenkins has time and again expressed her love for Spider-Man and in the shopping mall scene that opens the movie, it becomes pretty clear. Wonder Woman swings around the giant mall with her Lasso of Truth, in one of her signature weapon’s best uses. She moves around a lot like Spider-Man does, but she eventually learns how to fly on her own by the end of the movie, which in itself is yet another treat for us to relish. 

If you haven’t already, check out the trailer down below, and watch the movie exclusively on Amazon Prime Video