Tired of romantic Korean dramas that make you feel a little too single? Well, get on the spooky bandwagon and explore some of the best horror K dramas out there. Here is a list of our favourites. 

1. Save Me

If you love cult dramas, then Save Me should be first on your list. The show follows the story of 4 young men who try to save their former classmate from a vicious cult and its dangerous cult leader. 

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2. Strangers From Hell

Also known as Hell Is Other People, this K drama tells the story of a new tenant in an apartment complex shared by strange and mysterious residents. Based on a WebToon, this show also stars Lee Dong-wook in a prominent role. 

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3. The Village: Achiara’s Secret

In a quaint old village, crime comes in the form of a young English teacher who discovers a body on her first day in the village. She then teams up with a cop, played by Yook Sung-jae and tries finding the secrets of the town. 

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4. Nightmare Teacher

In this eery drama, a new teacher begins fulfilling the wishes of his students, but at a cost. Loss of memory, mysterious accidents leave his class horrified as they look for answers. 


5. Hwayugi / A Korean Odyssey

A demon king and a young girl who sees ghosts have a strange bond that they began using to fight evil. Though a romantic drama, Hwayugi has traces of horror that makes for an interesting watch. 


6. The Guest

A taxi driver, a priest and a detective come together to fight a demon that threatens to destroy humanity. One of the most chilling and thrilling K dramas out there for sure. 


7. Kingdom

A plague is turning people into zombies in this historic political horror drama. As the crowned prince tries his best to save his kingdom, the plot of this show gets more mysterious and thrilling. 


8. Black 

The story of a man possessed by the grim reaper and a woman who sees death, this drama is what happens when romance meets horror, with a sprinkle of humour in true K-drama fashion. 


Are you ready for a spooky weekend?