With its scrumptious flavours, creamy textures and colourful hues, Indian cuisine consists of a variety of traditional dishes from all across the nation. With a pinch of spice and a dash of love, our cuisine is on every foodie’s bucket list.

There’s no doubt about the fact that MasterChef Australia has garnered a lot of popularity in India. Even the Indian contestants who participated in the show have achieved great success in the culinary world.


Here is a list of some Indian contestants and their dishes who added ‘tadka’ to the show with their marvellous skills.

1. Dalwinder Dhami’s Curry 

Known for the incredible blend of spicy Singaporean cuisine with North Indian tadkas, she was the first Indian to get selected for the show. George Calombaris, a former judge on the show, even said her curry was the best curry he has ever tasted. After the show ended, she started selling her dishes in Singapore’s local market.

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2. Rishi Desai’s Seafood 

Hailing from Kolhapur, he left his mark on the show on the first day itself. With his uncomplicated approach of combining seafood with Indian spices, he won the hearts of judges along with the audience. Matt Preston, co-host and judge on the show, even gave him the title of ‘Muscle Man’.

3. Deepali Behar’s Potato Curry 

A dentist hailing from Gujarat, she stunned judges with her number of cuisines. From potato curry and potstickers to gujiya and chicken curry, she aced every single dish she made. Post her departure from the show, she launched ‘Deepali’s Delights’ which feature an extensive range of jams, chutneys, pickles and spice mixes.

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4. Sandeep Pandit’s Kashmiri Cuisines 

From Rogan Josh and Yakhni to Muji Chetin and Tehr, he impressed the judges with his lip-smacking Kashmiri cuisines. From helping his mother in the kitchen to trying some old recipes, he has been cooking since the tender age of nine.

5. Depinder Chhibber’s Chole & Parantha 

She prepared one of the most loved food combinations of all times: chole and parantha. She served the perfect combination with pickle, kadhai paneer, rice and fried ladyfinger chips. Upon tasting the dish, the judges were impressed with the delicious flavours.


6. Dev Mishra’s Mughlai Curry, Saffron Rice & Smoked Chicken Kebabs 

With his incredible cooking skills, this 13-year-old boy managed to impress judges on the show. He prepared lamb Mughlai curry, saffron rice, smoked chicken kebabs along with cucumber raita and coriander chutney. The judges were totally blown away with his preparation of dishes.


7. Nidhi Mahajan’s Lamb Curry & Stuffed Onion Bread 

During the invention test in her season where they had to reinvent an Aussie Classic in an inventive dish with lamb, onion, carrots and parsnips, she made a dish to impress the judges. She prepared her special South-Indian style lamb curry and served it with stuffed onion bread and carrot pudding for dessert. Marco Pierre White, the principal judge on the show, absolutely loved her dish.

8. Sashi Cheliah’s Sambal Prawns, Fish Curry & Cumin Rice 

Clinching the title of the winner after scoring an impressive 93 out of 100 points on the final day, he left every Indian proud. He prepared a sambal prawns starter in the first round, which earned him a perfect 30. His second dish, fish curry and cumin rice earned him 27 points. After the show, he opened his restaurant Gaja in his home town of Adelaide.

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