Internet’s boyfriend Noah Centineo has been making us fall in love with him for several years now. So, now that we’ve finished watching the last chapter of To All The Boys…. with him in it, we can’t wait to see more of our all-time crush.   

So, here are some other Noah Centineo movies that will make us miss him a little less : 

1. Sierra Burgess is a Loser 

Noah is a handsome jock in this movie who ends up romancing an unpopular teen (Sierra) due to a case of mistaken identity. His cute texts and adorable smile makes the movie all that better. 


2. Swiped  

Centineo portrays the role of James, a popular college freshman who asks a computer genius to help him develop a hook-up app to find girls. But things take a bizarre turn when he finds his mother using the app. 


3. The Perfect Date

Noah plays Brooks, the high school student who created an app where he can offer his services as a fake date to make money for college.


4. SPF-18

Centineo starred as Johnny Sanders Jr. in this California surfer movie as a bad-boy motorcyclist/surfer combo. He was the love interest of the main lead Penny Cooper but things change when a musician enters her life.   


5. The Gold Retrievers  

This 2010 cute dog movie features a much younger Centineo. So, if you want to see this heartthrob kill it as a child star, this movie is it.  


6. Charlie’s Angels   

In this reboot, Centineo portrays the role of Langston who works in software development and is a goof. He is also the love interest of one of the angels (Angel Jane) in the movie.        


7. Can’t Take It Back  

Centineo along with YouTube star Logan Paul, stars in this creepy high school thriller where a group of students leave nasty comments on the webpages of a fellow student. 


8. Turkles 

Centineo starred as a kid in this movie which is about the investigation of the disappearance of sea turtle eggs.


Can’t get enough of him.