What makes a lot of us love love? Well, first and foremost, the ways in which we see love happen in the world. The different love stories we witness. And that isn’t only limited to real-life couples, but our most favourite onscreen couples too!

So here are a couple of the best mushy gestures we’ve seen onscreen couples make, that make us love love! Take a look. 

1. Mikesh & Tanya – Permanent Roommates 

Do we even need to mention anything in particular about these two? Because aren’t they always cute? But okay, for the appreciation and love for these two, we can easily say how Mikesh began giving Tanya little surprises one month before her birthday was one of the cutest gestures ever. 


And how he compiled an adorable birthday video for her too!


2. David & Patrick – Schitt’s Creek

The way that Patrick sang for David to confess his love for him? It was all kinds of heartwarming. Because don’t we all want someone who would proclaim their love for us publicly?


3. Jake & Amy – Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

When Amy told Jake about the time she faced a Me-Too moment of her own, while she was working on a case overnight, Jake immediately got to his feet and told her that he’s going to get her a change of clothes and a coffee for her to keep working at the case. If that isn’t the best way to support your partner then I don’t know what is! 

4. Dhruv & Kavya – Little Things 

Do we all remember how Dhruv left notes and tea behind for Kavya, when he was moving to Bangalore? How homely and heartwarming was that? 


5. Cheryl & Toni – Riverdale 

Where do we even start with these two? They’re the perfect high-school love story, a bit dramatic, but still great. When Toni comforted and reassured Cheryl that she’s not a deviant, and that her mother’s wrong about her, that was definitely a great gesture and romantic in its own right. It was definitely super supportive and protective of Toni to come through and remind Cheryl of her worth. 


6. Neel & Sameera – Cheesecake 

Neel and Sameera’s relationship is falling apart when the show begins, and it takes for them to find Cheesecake to find each other again. So when, in season 1, Sameera makes a cup of chai  for Neel, and they both chill and stalk people together on their terrace, it’s a brief indication of the future that is to come, because yes, only a second later they burst into an argument. Sometimes romance needs to be created, it’s not some magical situation that get’s sent to you by the gods above!


7. Rishi & Dimple – Mismatched 

When Rishi brings shreekhand as a way to kick off his apology. Bringing food, and that to aa desi desert to say sorry, and that too, so sincerely? Yep, totally hits the romance G-spot. 


8. Shahana & Rajiv – Feels Like Ishq 

These two were arguable one of the best couples in Feels Like Ishq. How Shahana goes on to text Rajiv to ask him on a movie date right after she climbs into an auto was beyond cute to watch!


They’ve all given us hope that true love really does exist!