This would be stating the obvious, but it’s so true that not saying it would be a literal crime. It’s this- some Indian TV soaps are really toxic. 

They promote sexism, abuse, and dysfunction all while leaving us with a throbbing headache. And a recent example of this would be the show Pinjara Khubsurti Ka. This show is so toxic that it has even surpassed Kabir Singh’s content. Read on to know how. 

1. The obsession Omkar has for beauty

It’s one thing to have preferences for the kind of partner you want in your life. But a whole other thing to be obsessed with having a partner who is perfect in how they look. Omkar is shown to be psychotic and almost manic about wanting a good looking partner.


2. The way Omkar’s mother enables his behavior

Omkar’s mother Manjiri supports her son through all his toxic beliefs. Throughout the show, she’s seen enabling his abusive behaviour by either letting it slide, or encouraging him to stay that way. Instead of getting him professional help for his mental illness, she hides it from his to-be wife Mayura, making matters worse. 


3. The way the show has somehow normalised abuse

Okay, so let’s just assume that we can, for a brief second, ignore his obsession with appearances. But not only is Omkar fixated on Mayura’s beauty, he tries to take away her autonomy as well. He doesn’t let her go out, opens up a hospital for her to work in where only female patients are allowed and even puts her in a literal cage so that she can’t ever fall for anyone else or vice versa. 

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4. The way Omkar kills his own brother because of his insecurities

The man literally ends up killing his brother because he feels threatened by the equation he shared with his wife Mayura. 


5. The way the show has spoken about pretty privilege

Pretty privilege is an undeniable truth in society, and I get that the show tried to show the other side of it. But instead of showing the darker side of the privilege, this show furthers and normalises attacking people for it. 

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So, rather than really honing in on the darker side of having pretty privilege, Pinjara Khubsurti Ka has normalised being attacked and garnering negative attention for having that advantage. 


This is seen every time Mayura’s sister Megha acts out of a place of jealousy and malice towards her. It’s as if the show is saying that being attacked for having such a privileged is natural. 

6. The way Omkar gets Mayura medically tested without her knowledge 

Also, when Omkar feels threatened by the bond his brother and Mayura share, he gets so insecure that he drugs Mayura without her consent and gets her tested to see if she’s had sex with someone else. 


7. The way Omkar physically abused Mayura after she retaliated

In a phase of the show Mayura tries to run away from all the torture Omkar is subjecting her to. When Omkar re-captures her, in a fit of rage, he ends up hitting her face. So badly that she’s left with serious scars after the attack. 


8. The way the show didn’t even try to balance out the injustice that Mayura faced

After all the abuse, Mayura decides to come back into Omkar’s life to avenge her suffering (because after ruining her appearance, Omkar leaves Mayura as he no longer finds her pleasing to look at). But guess what? She ends up falling in love with the jerk all over again! Yep, the girl ends up falling for her abuser. This is an excellent example of how the show has normalised abuse. 


How traumatising is all this.