Most desi kids grow up watching a lot of TV soaps, because we’re probably chilling with our moms while they’re airing and so these shows become a part of our everyday life. Which is why it’s so important to acknowledge the ones that are doing a good job at bringing us good content!

Mumbai Live

One of the shows that has been doing this, is Anupamaa. A show based on a female character and her journey towards her true self. Specifically by recognizing that she’s in a verbally and mentally abusive marriage, and by learning to slowly empower herself to leave the relationship and thrive without it. It has been one of the best shows the audience has gotten to see this year, so let’s take a look at the moments that made it so enjoyable. Read on. 

1.  When Anupamaa got a cheque for her first ever job. 

As a woman who depended on her husband for a sense of security, in every way, how fulfilling must it have felt to earn a reward from your hard work? 

2. Devika, Anupamaa’s best friend, always stood up for her and encouraged her to do the same for herself, and if that’s not being a best friend, then we don’t know what is.

3. When Anupamaa opened up her own cafe! Because women entrepreneurs really are the future. 

4. The fact that Anupamaa’s son Samar was the most supportive of her starting her own dance school. He was there for her through thick and thin. 


5. Then when Anupamaa’s (ex) father-in-law legally signs off a part of their house in her name and teaches her the importance of fighting for one’s rights. 

In this moment he brings up how women are often conditioned to be self-sacrificial, and logically speaking, that doesn’t benefit anyone in the long run. 

6. When Anuj (Anupamaa’s potential love interest) was a total sweetheart and made sure she was comfortable on the airplane on their way to Mumbai. 

It was also the first time she was flying. And he made sure she was a-okay.

7. When Anupamaa’s daughter-in-law Kinjal was being harassed by her boss, it was Anupamaa who rose to the occasion and stood up for her. 

Anupamaa acted as the voice of reason when she convinced everyone the importance of standing up to predatory men. 


8. I guess we’ve said ‘Anupamaa,’ way too many times in this list, but to be fair, the show is based on her. She’s the main character! So when she went to Mumbai and saw a beach for the first time, the audience also clapped in excitement along with her. 

A very cute and blissful moment indeed, she deserved all that happiness.

9. In a recent episode, Anuj admits that he loves Anupamaa. And despite Anupamaa’s discomfort at finding this out, her son Samar steps in to talk to her about the importance of embracing love from a person even if she can’t reciprocate it. 

He acts like a best friend and tells her that it’s okay to accept and receive love from people even when you can’t reciprocate it. Yep. We’re not crying, you are!

Please keep giving us more of these great dialogues and moments!