Indian society loves to tell women when to get married and have kids. Whether it’s that neighbourhood aunty, or your own relatives doing it, the poking never really ends. 


And this obsession is definitely reflected in our movies and shows too. So, here are nine instances that show just how this happens. Take a look. 

1. Sherni

In a scene where Vidya’s MIL makes a surprise visit, she persistently questions her about when she’ll give her grandchildren. The frustration that Vidya is going through can be felt through the screen. But, it’s good to see that she is quick to shut down the pressure and tell her MIL her thoughts on having kids!

2. Parched 

In Parched, Lajjo and her husband Manoj’s inability to have children is automatically blamed on Lajjo. Society has deemed her infertile, and so, almost an outcast. What’s worse is, her husband is abusive and frequently lashes out at her. All this pressure is laid on her for not being able to have kids, but ultimately, it is found that her husband is the one who’s infertile!

3. Dil Dhadhakne Do

Priyanka Chopra’s character Ayesha Mehra is incessantly told to concentrate on her marriage. And even more so every time she entertains the thought of prioritizing her ambition or herself. Throughout the film, she’s told to keep the blinkers on and stay focused on making her marriage work (in spite of how toxic her husband is) and have children with him. 

4. Tanu Weds Manu Returns

In a part of the film, Kusum tells Payal how much her in-laws have been nagging her to have children as she takes a sip from her flask of alcohol. Clearly, the pressure weighed heavily on her, and she was bursting to vent to someone about it!

6. Lust Stories

In Lust Stories, Megha and Paras are asked when they’ll be having children, over dinner. But, the two have only recently gotten married and Megha hasn’t even gathered the courage to tell Paras how dissatisfactory sex with him has been. The couple is still in the early stages of understanding each other, both sexually and emotionally, and their family members are already asking about babies. 

7. Chak De India!

In the scene where Vidya is talking to her coach Kabir Khan about her husband and in-laws asking her to return home, she talks about how little they respect her ambition and the peer pressure she’s receiving from their end to have children. 

8. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

In Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, when Priya has a miscarriage and returns to her in-laws, everyone around her is quick to say that she’ll become a mother in no time. Perhaps they wanted to reassure her, but saying this after a person loses their child can easily make them feel pressured into trying for kids again. Maybe they should have just let her be for a while?

9. Bombay Begums 

Fatima in Bombay Begums is clearly distressed about constantly trying to make her husband happy. But, the one thing that he wants the most is to have children. She mentions how much of a failure she feels like because she cannot conceive. 

Every woman has the right to make a decision about whether she wants to have children or not.