So as I was watching Kanan Gill’s much-awaited special, Yours Sincerely which just dropped on Netflix. I swear his brand new set felt like a 1-hour long, full-fledged cardio workout for all my facial muscles. 

Watching him read what the 15-year-old Kanan expected his future to be, sent me down a nostalgia lane and reminded me of the good old school days. 


From Julius Ceaser to birthday bumps, here are our favourite moments from his kickass special:  

1. There was nothing more hilarious than Kana Gill decoding the Indian education system. 

2. And when he brought up Streetfighter and gave it a dark humorous twist, the 90’s kid inside me cracked up till I had a semi existential crisis: 

3. He spoke for every student who has studied Sanskrit at least once in their life when he dropped this relatable truth bomb: 

4. And I swear when he casually slid in this observation about Julius Caesar, it blew my mind: 

5. Can we please take a minute to acknowledge how flawlessly and accurately he explained the concept of “declare”? 

6. And when he simply described birthday bumps in a step-by-step manner, I swear a certain type of reality check kicked in.

7. His lost and found joke just made me count the number of Tupperware bottles I’ve lost in school.

8. There was something about his concept of sadness that spoke to my lonely heart: 

9. Kanan Gill questioning the validity of logic in the Indian education system is literally everything: 

Trust us when we say this, Kanan Gill will make your lockdown blues better by keeping it real.