The Malayalam movie industry is trying to beat the pandemic blues this year with some back to back brilliant movies. Even though we’re not even halfway through 2021, some of these Malayalam movies have really blown our minds. 

So, here are the best Malayalam films of 2021 so far : 

1. Vellam 

Starring Jayasurya, this movie is a biographical drama based on true events that explores the life of a drunkard and the alcoholic abuses around him. 

The Hindu

2. Drishyam 2 

This sequel movie is an intriguing thriller that explores the aftermath of the first movie, Drishyam after 6 years and shows how Georgekutty and his family deals with it. 


3. Love 

This movie is an entertaining thriller about a couple who have a troubled family life due to the toxicities that they carry within. 

The Hindu

4. Nayattu 

Three policemen get into trouble after unlawfully arresting and torturing a civilian. The story gets interesting after the situation get out of control for these police officers.    

New Indian Express

5. The Priest 

A horror mystery which unravels the gripping tale of an investigation of the journey of Father Benedict and the mysterious events that follows after that.  

Filmy Hype

6. Joji 

Fahadh Faasil’s Joji is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He is an engineering dropout who aspires to be wealthy. His blind ambition and greed to have more made him plot things that lead to the unimagined events in a family.    


7. The Great Indian Kitchen 

The movie is based in Kerala and revolves around one ‘normal’ couple’s experiences, its themes are oddly familiar to many silently oppressed women and highlight patriarchy in our country in a very subtle manner.         

The News Minute

8. Kho Kho 

It is a sports drama film which has Rajisha playing the role of a Kho Kho coach. The movie revolves around this Indian game and how Kho Kho players try to make a name for themselves by defeating all odds.   

The News Minute

9. Irul 

Another Fahadh Faasil movie that clearly was loved by the internet. The movie revolves around a couple who stops at a house after getting stranded in the rain, and comes across a serial killer.

Which one have you watched?