As Phoebe Waller-Bridge has literally swept the Emmy’s with her big wins yesterday, we’ve come to realise that she is ‘Fleabag’ in her real life as well.

Literally as unconventional, eccentric, goofy and bold as the show. 


1. Pheobe Waller-Bridge claimes that she’s looked her best when she was wearing the L3-37 Droid’s suit in Star Wars.  

And she held onto her rebellious streak 


2. The way she described her first meeting with Meryl Streep left us confused if she was narrating a scene out of the new season. 

I made a joke and it made Meryl laugh and I was like yes, I’m the winner. I was like she’s mine now, it goes deep between us, I made her laugh, we had an eye-contact. We’re the deal. 

3. Her Emmy’s acceptance speeches screamed ‘Fleabag’. 

4. When she bagged another Emmy, that she did not expect, her reaction was just priceless. 

5. Wait until you hear her thoughts on casting the right ‘fox’.

We’ll just get a couple of real foxes and just give them the notes and we’ve got a really good director and the script is strong. You know they’ll be fine. 

6. While shooting, she tried to calm down the foxes on set by playing Coldplay.


7. She still gets nervous before almost every performance and actually has the “three-seconds” of hell. 

8. And this one time, she almost tripped over her gown while accepting her BAFTA and completely owned the momnet. 

9. Her acceptance speeches are hands down the most honest ones around.

I promised myself I wasn’t gonna say anything rude but I have been wet-dreaming about getting a BAFTA for all my life. 
Two Brother

I think we’ve solved the mystery of how she plays ‘Fleabag’ so effortlessly.