Zindagi Gulzar Hai, one of the most romanticised shows ever, is not really what it is made out to be. Zaroon is only charismatic because Fawad Khan plays him, otherwise there is nothing remotely attractive about his character. Don’t believe me? 

Here are red flags that prove he was a toxic chauvinist who couldn’t accept strong women in his life.  

1. He obviously can’t take no for an answer, even when Kashaf makes it explicitly clear that she doesn’t like him and wants nothing to do with him. 


2. He is incredibly jealous of Kashaf’s academic success and can’t see women as competition. 

2. He is engaged to his friend, Asmara and when he realises that he can’t control her because she doesn’t give a fuck about asking him for ‘permission’, he breaks up with her. 


4. Zaroon doesn’t ever miss a chance to say that he is a chauvinist. He tells Kashaf when they get married, that he believes that the man is the head of the family and he is a conservative who hates liberal women. So what are you doing here? Honestly, he reminds me of Ayesha’s husband from Dil Dhadakne Do


5. He constantly asks the women in his life – from his mother to his sister, to ‘report’ to the men and not be too career oriented because their husbands feel ignored. He also called out the sister for coming home late, saying the ‘men’ didn’t know. Maybe the only reason he chose Kashaf was because he thought he could manipulate and control her?

Flying Yellow

6. He throws a tantrum when he comes to know that Kashaf’s friend had asked her to marry him, before Zaroon got together with her. But conveniently forgets that he was quite a fuckboy and was engaged before. The moral high ground he holds is exhausting to look at. 


7. He thinks it is completely okay for him to be talking to his ex-fiance because Kashaf is just ‘overreacting’. Somebody tell this manchild what loyalty looks like.


8. Zaroon does not contact Kashaf despite being in the wrong, because ego. And when he does fly to see her, it’s only because she’s pregnant and not because he’s actually sorry for his actions. This dude has issues. 


9. He doesn’t once offer to move to Kashaf’s city and immediately assumes she’ll move to Islamabad for him, where he worked. 

You’re welcome.