Zee5’s latest film, Chintu Ka Birthday is as innocent as the little boy who plays Chintu. The film is sweet, endearing and has a very Jojo Rabbit feel to it. Though the entire film is shot in a family home between a living room, a kitchen and two bedrooms, you never once feel suffocated. It tells the story of an Indian family living in warn-torn Baghdad. 

This movie revolves around Chintu, his birthday and how his family and friends will go to any lengths to make sure that this year, Chintu’s birthday isn’t cancelled. Here are some of our favourite scenes from the movie!

1. When Chintu’s sister made her way home from her school which had been bombed, only to worry about how she couldn’t get Chintu’s cake. 

Unable to purchase a cake due to the violence outside, Chintu’s sister worries about Chintu not getting a birthday cake this year. 

2. When Chintu told his grandparents he was perfectly fine on the phone when his father had a gun to his head.

Chintu and the family held themselves together despite the chaos in their house. So they wouldn’t worry Chintu’s grandparents in India. Also, because they wanted Chintu to believe that everything will soon be okay. 

3. When even the landlord was ready to forgo his fear of rats to step into the store room for an oven.

When the family decided to make Chintu a cake at home instead, the landlord who has a fear of rats due to his time in jail, was ready to jump into the store room and get an oven from his wife’s belongings. 

4. When his sister wept over the burnt cake even though soldiers had taken their home hostage. 

Chintu’s sister, a teenager herself wept over ruining Chintu’s cake because their home was almost bombed and two soldiers had taken their family hostage. 

5. When Chintu’s friends walked right past the soldiers without flinching, because they’re here for a birthday party.

No matter what happens, these kids – whose school was bombed this morning – will get what they came for, cake. 

6. When Chintu’s mother begins crushing biscuits to make him a cake, because a desi mother knows everything about jugaad. 

This family’s hope is what gets them going through the movie, despite everything they still believe they can fix things. 

7. When Madan, the father begged the soldiers to wait till Chintu’s birthday cake is cut and then arrest him. 

About to be arrested for something he did not do, this kind-hearted man begs the soldiers to let him stay till they cut Chintu’s cake because he wants his family to know that nothing can ruin Chintu’s birthday. 

8. When the landlord removed his wife and kid’s picture from the wall to put up a ‘Happy Birthday Chintu’ chart. 

A simple and sweet gesture that went a long way in proving how the landlord looked out for this family like they were his own. 

9. When the entire family cut Chintu’s cake, keeping a smile on their faces even though they knew something fearful was coming.

They popped the balloon, lit candles and cut the cake, after everything they had been through. 

All images in the article are screenshots from Zee5