These are the hardest 9 days of some people’s entire year. A time of willpower, patience, but most of all, getting teased by your friends. Here are 9 tortures you face when you ‘fast’ among your ‘non-navratra’ friends:

1. When you go out with your friends, you spend half an hour just searching for something you can eat.

2. Your friends think you’ve gone nuts when you call the waiter, point at your ‘Paneer Do Pyaza’ and ask, “Does this have onions in it?”

3. Your friends take your case by scarfing down KFC at every chance they get. And they make you watch.

4. When you go to a bar, your friends do this. And all you can do is sit in a corner and cry.

5. ‘Aloo’ is your new nick name as the humble potato becomes your new best friend.

6. In case you didn’t know, you can’t shave during the Navratras. So, how about trying something like this?

7. You can’t cut your nails either. So your girlfriend gets a chance to paint yours.

8. On the bright side, your parents can’t ask you to cut your hair for 9 solid days.

9. Your friends act all concerned, then give that look & ask, “Bro, aaj sabu-dana khaya kya?”