The first episode of Marvel’s Loki came packed with information that we had all been waiting for! We got answers that we deserved and a few new questions that have our interest piqued. 

Here is everything we learnt from the first episode of Loki.

Caution: Major spoilers ahead!!

1. TVA is a lot more than we thought

Most of the first episode is set in the Time Variance Authority, a well-kept secret organisation that hunts and eliminates branches from the one true timeline – even if that includes wiping away people. It also prosecutes those who cause the nexus. We got a chance to meet those who work in this quasi-military organisation for the first time and also saw devices like the Time Twister that TVA loves to use. 

2. A secret about the infinity stones 

Who knew there were more infinity stones? Maybe Thanos could have just raided the TVA right from the start? Loki opened the drawer and found that Casey has spare Infinity Stones just lying in his desk. All except the yellow Mind Stone, that was in Vision’s head. This trivialises all the Marvel movies that were solely centred around the stones and makes you rethink that maybe there are worse things out there than Thanos. 

3. The multiverse is out in the open

Finally! After being hinted at again and again, we finally get the multiverse explanation we deserve. Miss minutes gives a cute animated explanation of what went down and who the Time Keepers are. While we did get a glimpse of the multiverse when the Ancient One explained it all to Bruce in Avengers: Endgame, this time the explanation was more elaborate and left no room for error. Also, let’s not forget the “Nexus” event, which was coincidently a commercial on WandaVision Episode 7.

4. Loki is not a villain 

Time and again, we’ve seen Loki manipulate those around him. Betraying the trust of those who rely on him. But this time, we actually see remorse on his face and a new side of Loki is brought to light. The second he said “A villain,” hearts melted. 

5. Loki is gender fluid

Another detail that was loud and clear in the first episode as we got a close up of Loki’s TVA file, is that our God of Mischief’s ‘sex’ is listed as fluid. Which honestly comes as no surprise, since historically, Loki was a shape shifter. In the comics, Odin refers to Loki as both his son and daughter, too.

Inside the magic

6. Loki is D.B. Cooper!

We did not foresee this tit-bit. Since D. B. Cooper is the name used to refer to an unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in United States airspace, between Portland and Seattle on the afternoon of November 24, 1971. Now Loki claims to be him because “I was young and I lost a bet to Thor.” 

7. There is more than one Loki 

We kinda knew this already and even saw it coming but the confirmation feels good! Just an episode in, we know that a Loki variant is the mystery figure behind the killings of TVA agents throughout history. But which Loki is it? King Loki, evil lady Loki, president Loki or sorcerer Loki? Our money’s on lady Loki. 

8. There may be more villains 

While the stain-painted glass resembled Mephisto, the man on the bubble gum we see when Agent Mobius is trying to gain the trust of a girl in 1549 France, is said to resemble the comic book villain, Nightmare. This has again brought forth theories of the two villains that were hinted in WandaVision. And not to mention the reference to nightmare that Agent Mobious makes when he refers to it as ‘a department’ he dislikes. 

However, despite popular fan theories, Loki’s director, Kate Herron had said that the man in the glass was “genuinely a reference to Loki – the horns, he was cast out of heaven.” And the chewing gum could be in evidence because it is proof that the evil was from another time. 

Can’t wait for the second episode! 

All images are screenshots from the Loki episode on Disney+Hotstar unless mentioned otherwise.