Where at one hand women (and men) are fighting it out to achieve equal rights for both genders, amongst other things, hundreds are ridiculing them for standing up for something as obvious as feminism.

Feminism, a movement that began as an expression for equality of both genders, has been ridiculed so much, that people don’t want to be associated with the F word anymore.

“I’d rather be a humanist.”

“I am a men-ist.”

“Shut up, you feminazi!” have, sadly, become very common sentences these days.

It hurts to see young women not wanting to be labelled as feminists and saying they believe in equality, when feminism as a movement stands on those very roots. The misconception that the movement is against men is wrong. Feminism is not about men vs women. It never was.

And when powerful and influencing celebs, who people look up to, say something pointless, it is disturbing to say the least.

Here are 9 celebs who misunderstood feminism:

1. Parineeti Chopra wants equality, but doesn’t want to be called a feminist.

In a recent interview, Parineeti made it clear that she is NOT a feminist. Ironically, what she said following this sentence defines feminism. While in the past, Parineeti has made strong statements about period shaming and sex, it is sad to see that the woman we admired so much for speaking her mind, wants to distance herself from the F word.

2. Priyanka Chopra thinks all feminists are bra-burning women who hate men.

Priyanka has been making waves globally for her American TV debut, and deservingly so. She’s smart, talented AND ignorant. At a recent interview about her show Quantico, when she was asked if it was feminist, she said it’s not a bra-burning feminist show and that they don’t hate men. Feminists don’t hate men, Priyanka. We love them as much as you do!

3. Katrina Kaif speaks up about how she is so much more than someone’s girlfriend, but says ‘I don’t think I am a feminist.’

When Katrina was referred to as Ranbir’s girlfriend, she said an actress shouldn’t be made to speak about the men in her life, when there is so much more to her. That is exactly what feminism stands for, Katrina. Media still asks a whole lot of different questions from women celebs than their male counterparts. That is feminism. You have our back, even if you don’t want to be called a feminist.

4. Lady Gaga thinks feminists can’t love men.

The pop star seems to be confused about feminism as a concept. In an earlier statement she said she loved men, and hence she is not a feminist, but later changed her stance to, ‘I think I am a bit of a feminist.”

5. Meryl Streep chooses to be called a ‘humanist.’

Streep, who has often played strong female characters on screen, spoken up about the need for diversity in Hollywood, and led the applause during Patricia Arquette’s famous speech demanding equal pay, chose to call herself a ‘humanist’ in a Time Out interview. It is disappointing to see a women of her talent and stature say something like this.

6. Evangeline Lily thinks feminists are ‘trying to be men.’

Nope. Women are NOT ‘pretending to be men,’ Evangeline. We are not pretending to be anyone. We just want the world to let ourselves be. Is that asking for too much?

7. Shailene Woodly thinks feminism means taking the power away from men and giving it to women.

The Fault In Our Stars actress says she is very much in touch with her masculine side and that if men went down and women rose to power, “that wouldn’t work either.” She talks about a fine balance, which is what we have been working for, for years, Shailene. A fine balance – equal rights, equal pay, and equal treatment.

8. Demi Moore also considers herself a womanist, despite being ‘a great supporter of women.’

Moore, please note that Feminism = Humanism.

9. Madonna seems pretty confused about feminism and is constantly seen changing stances.

As a kid I have grown up seeing Madonna talk about women empowerment, never apologising for being herself. We love this Rebel Heart for being what she is, but we are really let down by her statement.

Feminists are NOT bra-burning women who hate men. It is really unfortunate that even in the 21st century, we have to explain that time and again. I repeat: This is not a women vs men fight. It never was.

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