Lucky Ali’s soul-stirring music has been the background score for most of our teenage crushes and one-sided romances. He was a part of every single 90’s kid’s life and here are reasons why he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

1. He gave us the anthem of love and longing 

O Sanam is the most beautiful song he’s ever sung and every millennial would agree. It made him one of our favourite singers growing up and you’d still find a 20-something humming this tune. 

2. He defined unrequited love and paved the road to self-discovery

Lucky Ali is the reason we’re all chasing the mountains and turning our broken hearts to poetry. This man taught us how you can find art in the darkest places. 

3. He gave us all the travel bug with his gorgeous locations

He took us through the gorgeous streets of Europe in Tere Mere Saath and used the vignette filter way before Snapchat stole it. Lucky Ali defined our generation’s aesthetic with his music videos and no road trip could ever be complete without his music. 

4. He showed us that heartbreak does not make you weak, and you can always cherish those beautiful memories

Driving across American freeways and singing about the love he once had, Lucky Ali won our hearts with Dekha Hai Aise Bhi

5. He showed us how to deal with grief and loss, in the most poetic way possible 

With Gori Teri Aankhen Kahein he made us weep and cry, over the loss of someone you love. No millennial can listen to this song till date, without shedding a few tears. 

6. He made romance almost spiritual, giving us goosebumps with his charm and honest lyrics

He defined indie-pop in India and for that we will also be grateful. He made us the sappy romantic souls we are today. 

7. He gave us lyrics that we will never recover from

With songs like Pyar Sirf Tumse Pyar Karta Hoon, he spoiled us for life. He gave us soothing, heartfelt lyrics that no other singer has been able to live up to. 

8. He finally added to Bollywood songs what we knew they were lacking

His smooth transition to Bollywood with Naa Tum Jaano Na Hum had us transfixed. Lucky Ali’s voice was still as beautiful as ever and we felt blessed. 

9. He continues to give the younger generation a taste of what they missed, proving his voice is legendary 

You could recognise Lucky Ali’s voice anywhere. And the fact that he continues to give us much needed heart-felt Bollywood songs is proof that he will never be forgotten. 

Which song is your favourite?