When it comes to Bollywood films, it’s common to see male actors be paired with women who are almost half their age (or less). Which of course does more harm to society than good. 

As we all know, ageism is definitely worse for women. And so, we definitely need to see more representation of older women on screen. Which is why we’ve got a list of movies here with female characters romancing men younger than them. Take a look.

1. Leela 

Leela stars Dimple Kapadia and is a story about a woman who although has been married for a long time, finds herself feeling attracted to a younger man named Kris on a trip to California. You can watch it on YouTube. 


2. Dil Chahta Hai

One of the best films from the 90s, Dil Chahta Hai shows a love story between a young man named Sid (played by Akshay Khanna) and Tara Jaiswal (played by Dimple Kapadia). The two find themselves extremely drawn to each other, but Tara finds herself hesitant to invest in a relationship that seems taboo. You can watch the film on Amazon Prime Video. 


3. Shabd

Shabd shows the audience a fictional story between Antara, who is a college professor and Yash, a younger gentleman studying at her college. The catch? The story is being writen by Antara’s husband Shaukat, yep! It is available to watch on Netflix. 


4. B.A. Pass 

B.A. Pass shows a married woman seducing a teenager and luring him in to becoming a gigolo. This one you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. 


5. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil 

The film depicts a relationship between Saba (played by Aishwarya Rai) and Ayan (played by Ranbir Kapoor), while sadly Ayan is still in love with someone else. Catch it on Amazon Prime Video. 


6. Wake Up Sid 

Wake Up Sid is a story about an unambitious young man named Sid who finally decides to move out and be independent. He finds himself moving in and ultimately falling in love with Aisha, a much more responsible and mature person than him. It is available to watch on Netflix.


7. Doosra Aadmi 

Doosra Aadmi is a 1977 film which stars Rakhi, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. It shows the audience a relationship between a married man and an older woman who’s a widower (played by Rakhi). You can watch this one on Amazon Prime Video. 


8. Maya Memsaab

This films stars Shahrukh Khan and Deepa Sahi and shows a sexual relationship between a married woman named Maya and a young man by the name of Lalit. Ultimately though, Maya feels dissatisfied by their relationship and ends up going missing! Catch Maya Memsaab on Netflix. 


9. A Suitable Boy 

A Suitable Boy shows multiple love stories alongside. And one of them happens to be between Maan Kapoor (played by Ishaan Khatter) and Saeeda Bai (played by Tabu). Of course, as usual, Tabu looked gorgeous as Saeeda Bai and played the role all too well. The show is available to watch on Netflix. 


We’re glad these films came along!