You know how sometimes one track is so good, you just want to hit that replay button again & again. That’d be 90’s for us! Right before Bollywood became the mainstream music for us, 90’s gave us the golden period of indie-pop that still gives us the goosebumps. While some singers have advanced to achieve greater musical heights today, some have vanished never to be heard again.

Whichever way, we truly enjoyed their music & though we might not have them in our playlist today, we do a little YouTube cheat code once in a while! Indie pop forever FTW!

1. Alisha Chinai

Made In India was an instant hit. It was a lethal combo of Alisha’s vocals & supermodel Milind Soman’s greek god looks. It was a total package & we gave it a place in our hearts instantly.

2. Anamika

The very likeable Anamika came with an even more likeable pop tart with ‘kahin karta hoga woh mera intezaar.’ The song was a super hit & she was catapulted instantly into Indie-pop stardom.

3. Aryans

This was Shahid Kapoor’s foray onto the big screen but more so, we love this song for the trio: Aryans. Soulful music & soft vocals brought them immense popularity.

4. Bali Brahmbhatt

Though known for a particular genre of foot tapping music, Bali Brahmbatt delivered each time with his wacky lyrics.

5. Bally Sagoo

What’s a pop scene without some much needed Bhangra relief!

6. Malkiat Singh

Bhangra 2.0

7. Baba Sehgal

A pop scene staple, a wacky combination of crazy lyrics & even crazier singing.

8. Ila Arun

Ila Arun’s folk-infused tracks & her voice ruled the pop charts along with her risqué videos to match.

9. Daler Mehdi

Who can forget his lively, foot tapping numbers?  Give it up for The Bhangra legend.

10. Anaida

She was a looker with a voice to match.

11. Shweta Shetty

Her most popular hit ‘deewane toh deewane hai’ cemented her place in the Indian pop scene of the glorious 90s.

12. Falguni Pathak

She is called the dandiya queen & the pop princess of her times. The times have changed but no one can deny how Falguni Pathak arrived & owned the pop scene like no one else.

13. Silk Route

The beautiful, haunting voice of Mohit Chauhan was first introduced to the world through this song. Chauhan is a prominent Bollywood singer now but no forgetting, he like many others, had pop beginnings.

14. Suneeta Rao

The soft husky voice of Suneeta Rao can never be forgotten. Ever.

15. The Colonial Cousins

The forces of Hariharan & Leslie Lewis combined to give us a musical masterpiece.

16. Biddu

Biddu gave us all some memorable beats.

17. Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali sums up talent & good genes. A singer for all ages, we absolutely miss his soulful numbers & wish he cuts out an album soon.

18. Shaan

With a number of hits & a stint in a prominent dance reality show, it’s safe to say Shaan has indeed come a long way. Though it’d be nice to revisit his old pop roots & belt out a hit or two.

19. Devang Patel

In one word, ‘crazy.’ His formula of recycling international hits & adding a desi tadka proved to be refreshing for the audiences. Though gone for long, we’d like a re-run for the sake of old times.

20. Sonu Nigam

Though doing well in Bollywood, we do miss Sonu Nigam on the pop scene.

21. Kamaal Khan

He literally blasted on the scene with ‘o o jaane jaana’ & a slew of other pop numbers. A few movies later, he was an act of the past. Though we think he had potential to go further.

22. Aslam & Shibani

This soft number literally transports us to the good ol’ days!

23. JoJo

Some would remember this song for Jimmy Shergill but for us, it’d be the catchy tune & the soft-pop vibe.

Did we miss out on any of your favourtie popstars of the 90s? Let us know in the comment section below.