When the nominations for Oscars 2024 were out (and about), we were hoping to see big things. We did not know that a dog in a bow would be one of them. We did not know that a dog at the Oscars would be one of them… at all. The last time we cared this much about a dog in entertainment, it was Tuffy from Hum Aapke Hain Koun – solely because he was a recurring question on KWK’s rapid fire. This time, thought, it’s about Messi, the dog who stole the show at the Academy Awards.


Messi, a border collie, who’s apparently everyone’s favourite at this point (which makes sense), played a service dog in Anatomy of a Fall. But there he was, sitting with the rest of the actors in the audience’s seats at the 96th Academy Awards. The thing that stuck with most fans was his poise, and ease of being. It was as if he came there knowing that he deserves all of it – and he does, no doubt about that. However, the sheer confidence was inspiring.

Messi from Anatomy of a Fall

Of course, we cannot not have sweet and wholesome moments when there’s a dog around. Especially, when it’s at the Oscars. So there were a number of those. Like him clapping after Robert Downey Jr’s speech – we understand cuts, but hey, the visuals were fun. Also, this is one of those wild things from this year. 2024 already looks very happening after this one event.

The internet surely agrees.

This may be the best thing about this year’s Oscars.