Like a certain tagline for a channel says about Bollywood – Deewana bana de. It’s hardly surprising that film stars inspire many things, even prompting fans to do dumb stuff to get an actor’s attention.

b’Source: DNA’

It was quite the case for Bollywood’s Rambo – Tiger Shroff, where a fan tweeted to the actor with a video showcasing him jumping off a 13 ft wall, without any safety harness. The fan mentions how he sprained his leg from the jump.

Without doubt one of Bollywood’s finest action stars, Tiger slammed his fan instead of patting him on the back. He said what the fan had attempted minus any safety, was stupid and something he shouldn’t try again.

Shocked at the action star’s disappointed reaction, the fan apologised profusely. And promised to never try such a thing again. 

What a lot of Bollywood fans don’t seem to understand, that when these stars perform unreal action it is under the strictest of supervision of experts, prepared for the worst possible outcomes. It should go without saying that the stunts shouldn’t be tried at home.

And high time, Bollywood deewanas listen.