Try asking any self-respecting woman, her rate for ‘night programmes’ and 99 times out of 100, you’re likely to end up being beaten black and blue. Conservatives would think, that one remaining woman who’d appreciate this leap of liberty would be Sunny Leone.

Turns out, Sunny just slapped the shit out of a journalist (and a million critics) in a single moment when she was inquired about her rate for “night performances”.


According to reports, Bollywood actress Sunny Leone was in Surat for a Holi event titled, ‘Play Holi with Sunny Leone’. However, during a casual stroll before the start of her act, a reporter from a national daily caught up with her for an impromptu interview in the hotel corridor. It was during this conversation that things escalated.

Here’s what the dastardly reporter asked her:

“You were a porn star earlier, now you are a film star. So how much do you charge now?” 

Taken aback by the audacity of the reporter, Sunny asked the reporter to repeat the question. And here’s how the journalist rephrased his question:

“How much do you charge for a night program?” 


Sunny, quite naturally, didn’t take a minute to react and slapped the journalist in front of the hotel staff and left the reporter red-faced (quite literally, because Holi!) before leaving for her hotel room. 

Earlier in the day, a drunk intruder had also entered her room and asked for odd favours from her. Since the intruder had left the door open, Sunny did not let the incident take an ugly turn and took things under control. 


However, being a thorough professional, Sunny turned up for her act and danced to popular Bollywood numbers for 15 minutes, as promised. 

One can only wonder, when will this nation start seeing Sunny in a different light?

Correction: In a recent development, Daniel Weber, Sunny Leone’s husband has clarified that no such incident happened and that the reports doing the rounds are untrue. This article was based on credible media sources, however, we stand corrected post the clarification on the issue.