Dear Gunther,

The writers of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. didn’t think you deserved better than what you got. But I did. I’m writing to you because I’ve seen so many people who’ve been in the same situation as yours, myself included. Maybe it’s high time we try and talk about your Rachel situation at length. Because the other friends wouldn’t.

You’re not the only one and this doesn’t just happen once. It happens way more often than you’d think.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been attracted to people who never gave me any sort of attention. It happens to everyone and it happens all the time. The other person isn’t supposed to care about you just because you care about them. And you’ll eventually realise, that’s okay. It’s not important enough to be bitter about.


Don’t waste your time over someone you merely find attractive. Is she a nice person?

You’re crazy about her just because you think she’s good-looking? Fall in love with someone for a better reason than that. Wouldn’t you want people to not judge you by your looks and see you for who you really are?

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Concentrate on your career and don’t let the crush fuck it over.

When Rachel asked you for a job at Central Perk, you hired her even when she didn’t have the required skills to do so. That’s now how you’re supposed to work, Gunther. If you focused on your job and worked hard to make Central Perk a proper franchise all across New York, you’d have a lot of time looking for love later on.


Meet new people. You might not find love, but at least you’ll find friends. Real friends, I mean.

It makes no sense to waste years after years for someone who has showed no interest in you. Why don’t you try talking to other women who come to your cafe? Or why don’t you try going to a bar? You might meet so many other people there. That’s the way it is.


Rachel was a self-centred person. You’re better off without her.

Rachel has always been nothing but a whiny and self-absorbed person who has created problems for everyone around her. Rachel isn’t worth your time anyway. Don’t let her presence be the start of and end of of everything you’d want to do.



You can’t expect to give her things and expect favours in return.

Just because you’ve been looking forward to your chance of finally ending up with her, it doesn’t mean that she will. She doesn’t owe you anything. Women aren’t boxes that pop out favours in return of gestures of good-will. You know, they are humans. If you’re doing something nice for them, do it because you want to. Not because you’d want something in return.

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I get why you’re so obsessed with that one person. I get it. We’ve all faced this in our lives. Don’t let this one person define your life. Move on and explore the world. After all we’re all just trying to get through this distressing cavalcade of decay called life, and anything which momentarily lets us forget that we’re all just meat being shovelled into the grave is to be welcomed.

Thanks for all the memories and I hope you’re holding up fine.


A friend