There’s no denying that Grey’s Anatomy is a wonderful show.     

But for people like me who literally stopped watching this show some five years back, they’d know why I did so.

Patrick Dempsey AKA McDreamy quit the show as his character met a tragic death.    

There is obviously no introduction needed for McDreamy. Since the time the show aired all over the world, women around the world were swooning over this doctor’s good looks.    

But Dempsey’s magic is not something that stopped at Grey’s Anatomy.   

Closer Weekly

Remember that time when he was the Hollywood equivalent of Aman from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in Sweet Home Alabama? He was literally the nicest, most good looking guy you had ever imagined?      f

Who let’s go of Dempsey, you silly Witherspoon? 


Then again, he was the most humble and down to earth father in Enchanted. His shy yet protective nature made me watch that movie a dozen times. 

Honestly, who’d want a prince, if you’ve got Mr charming & handsome on your side?     


His fuckboy-turned-nice-guy character in Made of Honor was so appealing that he made us realize why we fall for them every damn time.   

Film Affinity

And you’d be crazy if his brooding good looks didn’t take your breath away in Bridget Jones Baby. Why don’t we meet guys like him in music festivals? I am ready to spend all my money happily. 

The Times

But here’s the catch. Dempsey is not only a gorgeous man. Like his character in Grey’s Anatomy, he supports Ovarian Cancer. He has a Dempsey centre which treats cancer patients for free.      

In addition, he’s into car racing, cycling and skiing. How perfect is he?  

So, while we wait hopelessly for someone even a little bit close to him in real life, we’d be ‘Mcdreaming’ about him all day errday.