Deepika Padukone makes headlines almost everyday. From brilliant performances in Bollywood to her upcoming Hollywood debut and even her bang-on fashion statements, everything about her is front-page news. 

While we’re happy to get our daily dose of Deepika through TV, movies and Instagram, looks like the examination board for the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) still needs more of Deepika! 



The AFCAT exam was held on 28th August and one of the applicants pointed out a question, which has gathered our interest. 

This is what he tweeted:


What looks like the General Knowledge section of the AFCAT paper, had this question: “Deepika Padukone has received Filmfare award 2016 for the best actress in the movie”, followed by 4 options. 

Twitter user @PradeepNU1, established this over a couple of tweets and is now trying to get noticed by Deepika, herself.

We don’t know whether Deepika would be fascinated or not. But this surely proves that it’s impossible to stay away from Bollywood’s Mastani!