A.R Rahman is a gift from the heavens. People of this country have been listening to his music for decades. And since his Oscar wins, the man has become truly global. 

Buddy Bits

But that doesn’t mean people out in the West were unaware of his genius before Slumdog Millionaire. His songs, (yup, Indian ones, Bollywood and otherwise) have been used in Hollywood movies. 

1. The Bombay Theme in Lord of War. 

2. Chaiyya Chaiyya in Inside Man

3. Rang De in The Accidental Husband

4. Yaaro Yaarodi in The Accidental Husband

5. Swaasamae in The Accidental Husband

6. Take It Easy, Urvasi in Lion

I know, this looks like an ad for The Accidental Husband. And God’s honest truth is that I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan but I swear, this isn’t me trying to convince you to watch the film. Although you still could.