As soon as the clock ticks 4 at work, I’ve already ticked off my entire task list for the day and laughed at every meme my co-worker Tony pinged me on the ‘gram (which is a perpetual sham). After that, I take to the Internet to procrastinate for the remaining 3 hours of my life as a commoner.

And guess what’s keeping me busy these days at work? A Twitter wedding challenge! And unlike all other quizzes I had played before, this quiz has me hanging in suspense! This new wedding planner quiz is even better than those ‘What Kind Of A Pizza Are You?’ quizzes. Now, don’t pretend like you are disinterested even before you’ve tried it.

Here’s a little low-down on the quiz if you really want to put your wedding planning powers to test – the folks at Made In Heaven will ask one question every day for a couple of days and you really have to be on top of your game! And, once you get on with the quiz, a set of rules along with some first few questions will be presented to you, so that you get a knack of the quiz. It’ll present a hypothetical world of wedding nitty-gritty and you’ll get to roll the dice every day. With quirky questions related to a big fat Indian wedding, I’m sure you’re going to flinch on a lot of them.

The winner will get some cool surprise goodies after answering all the 7 questions. And, truth be told – fellow players, my eyes are on that scintillating hamper! It could be a chic outfit, cool accessory or even a snazzy gadget… So, you better buck up! 

In a polarising world of Tomato Pie or Margharita; this Made In Heaven inspired quiz is one interactive poll you should not miss out on. Who knows, you might win BIG! 

Take the quiz here.