This couple brought in Valentine’s Day with a really sweet funny proposal. We all know Aishwarya Mohanraj for her brilliant standups and her constant aapka proposal kaha hai, and it was finally time for her boyfriend, Aakash, to deliver.

Aakash turned his intent into execution by proposing Aishwarya through a stand-up act. Not just that, he even prepared an entire PPT to show why he is the best husband material. 

Before proposing to Aishwarya, he got her mother’s approval. I mean, how sweet is that? 🥺

Her father also gave a BIG thumbs up. 😂

SHE HAD A RING FOR HIM AND SHE PROPOSED TO HIM TOO!!!! That’s some UNO reverse she did, right there.

Aakash’s pro tip for every couple before they decide to get married – spend one day in each other’s shoes to truly understand the struggles your partner goes through. Aakash did a standup, now it’d be fun to have a  vlog of Aishwarya managing One Hand Clap for a day. 😂

Also, this article is not doing justice to the whole proposal, you should watch the video instead.

Dear Aakash and Aishwarya, article likh diya hai, wedding invitation bhejwa dena.