Released in 1992, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar was literally Aamir Khan’s vehicle to success. 

The vehicle being a cycle in this case.

Inter-college rivalry, drama, romance, comedy, action; the film had it all. 

And Lamp Lock played one hell of a villain in the film.

Wait, Lamp Lock who?

Arrey Lamp Lock = Deepak Tijori re!

But you know what? After multiple viewings of the film, I realized that it wasn’t Deepak Tijori who was the baddie.

It was Aamir Khan.

*Dhan tan tan*

Allow me to explain.

Aamir a.k.a Sanjay was the wastrel his father was always ashamed of.

And for good measure. 

He was neither good in studies nor good at sports. 

Quite unlike his overachiever brother Ratan.

The little prick was also a manipulator of the highest order. 

I mean, Anjali was head over heels in love with him.

And what did he do?

He stole the hard earned money his father had been saving to buy a new bicycle for Ratan…

And bought a brand new necklace…

For Pooja Bedi a.k.a Devika.

That’s what’s common between Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar.

They both got brutally friendzoned.


Now unlike Sanjay, Ratan had just one dream throughout the film.

To make a name for himself.

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Unlike his brother, Ratan was the aadarsh baalak every parent dreams of.

He was good at sports. Good in studies. Was obedient.

And above all, he worked part-time at his father’s Ramlal Cafe.

While he was busy preparing to win that one race that mattered the most to him, Sanjay worked really hard as well.

To shatter this one dream of his.

You see, it was Sanjay who’d picked up a fight with Shekhar.

Forcing Ratan to intervene.

Which resulted in Shekhar taking badla from Ratan.

And the badla included making Ratan fall down a cliff.


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With Ratan in hospital fighting for his life…

Sanjay went a step ahead and added some serious insult to injury.

By partaking in the race in place of his brother…

And winning it!

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Just imagine.

Not only did he snatch the lifelong dream of his brother, he also ended up winning it.

Poor Ratan! All he got in the end was an internship certificate from Ramlal Cafe.

Aisa bhai bhagwan dushman ko bhi na de.