Misogynists? What are they? Are they afraid of women, or do they simply hate them? Or maybe, they just don’t like not being able to control them? Well, all three and more words I am not allowed to use because this is a professional space (more or less). If you believe I am being unreasonable, take a look at these gents commenting on a picture of Ira Khan, Aamir Khan’s daughter.

Normally, this part of the article is where we are neutral and then we use tweets to pass the buck on Twitter people to call this out but we are already at the end of days, so what the hell? This is peak incel behaviour. And I will answer the question the dude asked in the tweet. 

Good fathers don’t objectify their daughters no matter what they wear.

And you know this very interesting habit all misogynists have? They will say the more vile things known to humanity but the second you call them out, they all suddenly get really cautious about manners. See for yourself. 

And it’s not just this one guy. Anyone born with a penis apparently thinks they have the right to a woman’s body somehow. 

“Not the India I grew up in”- Words first uttered by a man a few months after Sati was abolished. 

Look at this giant of the society, aware of how class status affects dress code. 

Well, thankfully it got called out. Not that it will make a difference but still…

Just mind your business, man. You can’t control women. You can try, people have for thousands of years and women still do whatever the f**k they want. So, go back into that hole you crawled out off and stay there.