Abhishek Bachchan is one of the coolest celebrities on Twitter. He puts up nice pictures, makes witty comments and is always his chivalrous best. He is on social media what he is in real life. Not only does the man know how to crack some great jokes, he also knows how to handle the ones cracked on him.

We all know how social media can turn into a nasty place, with all the incessant trolling, especially if you’re a celebrity. But, as far as AB Jr. is concerned, he fights it all with class.

Stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal had something to say regarding Sr. Bachchan’s open letter to his granddaughters. This is what she tweeted:

While many would start fuming at a comment like this, Abhishek handled it with his crackling sense of humour:

Let’s give him a round of applause for this awesome response. 

And it was so effective, even Aditi gave up and appreciated AB’s spirit instead!

Well, we couldn’t agree more. You are truly a rockstar, AB Jr!