Abhay Deol. Ever since his debut in Socha Na Tha, we have been smitten by him. Every time this papacito smiles onscreen ,we fall head over heels in the abyss of his dimple.

Here we all are having lost our hearts to Abhay, every time he dropped a brilliant performance onscreen.

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Basking in the light of the #wintersun.

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Black and white pictures of Abhay Deol staring into the oblivion is a mood. And not an innocent one, if you know what I mean.

This right there is a preparation to destroy hearts. Cities will be levelled. Someone alert someone.

Our-bae Deol.

Abhay Deol in a suit looking like the man of our dreams. Call the police, call the paramedics, there has been an emergency.

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I can't even look at him directly. Too much sun, I'll burn.

No, Mister. You look the other way. My heart's had enough.

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Appreciation for God's finest slice of work.

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Smile so cute, makes you wanna carve out your heart and present to him in a platter.

...This kind of took a dark turn.

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Me trying to recover from Abhay looking sharp AF.

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Our man doesn't even have to try. Here's a picture of him cooking next to a goat. How come he's still everything we want and more? 

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*Raanjhana hua main tera plays in the background.*

I knew this was gonna end in flames.

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Everything else is cancelled, guys. Only Abhay Deol, not a thing else that matters.