There were reports that singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya would face legal action after he reportedly abused and name-called a female journalist, when she questioned his views on twitter.

However, the singer has refused to budge and is unapologetic for his behaviour. In turn, he has lashed out at the journalist and accused her of using him for publicity, said a TOI report. 

He refused to retract his statement and told TOI,

Jo mera mann mein se nikalta hai, woh main likhta hu (I write whatever comes to my mind). It’s only after she started insulting me as an artist and calling me a Sanghi that I pounced back.”

When quizzed about his choice of words bordering on abuse, Abhijeet said: “I called her besharam burhiya (shameless old woman) on purpose and I’m not going to say sorry because that’s my way of speaking Hindi. I wanted my comments against her to go viral and I’m glad that happened.”

He even went ahead to say that the entire incident should not be scrutinised with a sexist undertone and asked people refrain from bringing  the gender  into it. 

He further claimed that he is the only “patriotic” singer in Bollywood. On being asked about what his next step would be with respect to this controversy, he simply said, “I don’t give a damn. I know I’m alone in my fight, but I can be powerful too.”

Meanwhile, the singer is continuing his “nationalist” rants and is busy re-tweeting all tweets done in his favour