Abhishek Bachchan has often come under fire for being a star kid. An opinion that often overshadows his accomplishments. But Bollywood Gaandu certainly had a strong opinion about the actor’s existence in the industry. And for some reason, he decided to make his opinion about Junior Bachchan public today and randomly started a Twitter war.

Here’s how things went down:

Abhishek, who is pretty active on social media, did not take this lying down.

Now that the war had started, Bollywood Gaandu didn’t retreat either.

But that didn’t bother Abhishek.

There were more rounds of firing.

But Abhishek made sure he got his point across.

And then it got more personal.

Finally, confusing this for a Bollywood movie, KRK made a special appearance and tried to save the day.

There was a little bromance as well before things died down.

Eventful day, eh?