Debuted as Lovinder ‘Lucky’ Singh with the movie Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, Manjot Singh has been making us laugh for thirteen long years. With his memorable roles in movies like Student Of The Year and Fukrey, he has been slowly making a mark for himself in Bollywood. 

In an interview with The Indian Express, he shared how he became an actor by chance and wishes to do something bigger than just comedy roles.

Coming from a non-filmy background, I never thought I will be making money through films. I was 16 when I started in this industry and it happened by luck. In a short span of time, I worked with some big names. Though sometimes there is that urge of doing something bigger, but I am content with what I am getting because I know I will grow.

He also highlighted the fact that he was offered a number of lead roles but he turned them down because he thought he wasn’t ready yet. He said that if you act in the lead role without a godfather in the film industry and you do not leave a mark on the audience, then you don’t get a second chance. So, he wishes to be fully prepared before taking up different roles.

Being a die-hard romantic, he wants to make people cry with his idea of romance on-screen. He also talked about how people are now accepting Sikh characters on the silver screen.

I hope someday someone will perceive the idea of a Sardar romancing on-screen with a turban. However, I am happy people are accepting Sikh characters now. I won’t say they are still accepted completely, but yes the progress is there.

He also stated the fact that he is not into social media. He feels that a person should enjoy his personal life without revealing everything about their life on social media.

You can read the entire interview here.

He is a true example of how hard work pays off.