Women of substance inspire other women, telling them that if there are things getting in the middle of what they want, it’s all an excuse in the longer run. Reinstating the same with swagger, is Gul Panag.

Former beauty queen, model, actress, producer and one of the biker chicks who showed the country that women can widen their own horizons, she set new benchmarks for us all. Keeping the same spirit of learning alive. she will now soar through the clouds, with her license to fly!

Known as a fitness enthusiast, and an avid traveller, Panag can now officially fly private planes. As her shiny new license will tell you. Panag took to Instagram to express her excitement.

When we got in touch with Gul, this is what she had to say,

I have cleared all exams. Plus finished all flying requirements and passed my check ride (which is a flight where the instructor tests your skill and knowledge on the aircraft).

Making time between movies and a hectic schedule, the opinionated actress who’s never shied away from speaking her mind, or going beyond the benchmarks that society has set for the ‘second sex’, has somewhere proven that ‘limitless’ can be ours too.

More power to you Ms Panag! May you soar higher, and thanks for telling little girls that castles in the air only need rocks to be laid beneath them.

Image source: Instagram